In a world of disruption, where “people practises” and Human Capital Management can be grey or even invisible, we bring about clarity and ensure that Leadership has all the benefits and risks demonstrated to them in understandable business terms.

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In the fast paced world of business where changes are imminent and required, Cameron Consulting understands Business and HR, and can identify where and how they need to support each other. Specifically in the HR discipline, the landscape is moving rapidly and significantly.

Although Cameron Consulting is able to support business through the standard HR related activities, processes and transactions, we also have the unique ability to see how to perform these effectively, efficiently and with the highest benefit to business.

A business needs to create meaningful HR strategies in order to transform itself. It needs to change processes, purchase technology, scale up or down and support legislation. This is often time consuming and extremely expensive. Often the Leadership does not fully understand, or has not thought through all the impacts of what is about to happen to their business. There are times where Leadership is unaware of the full R.O.I. (Return on Investment) of what they are purchasing or changing.

Very often companies only have themselves to compare to, and have not seen how HR operates in other areas and therefore have no knowledge of good practise or how differently they could work, making H.R. more efficient.

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Cameron Consulting collaborates with the business and especially the Leadership or HR teams at any stage of the transformation. We are able to see how the technology supports the business strategy, and highlight opportunities or gaps / growth areas. The most beneficial stage however is right upfront in the planning stage.


We understand the need for effective and efficient teams and we are able to perform a wide range of support initiatives to a business. Whether this is gathering business requirements for a new way of working or unpacking and providing direction and advice on current business processes We have the experience to highlight the opportunities or gaps / growth areas.


Often a business will take on a new project, not having the HR capacities to manage and engage with the current teams on the changes and impact. Cameron Consulting has the ability to work very closely with the Project Manager and Change or Communications Manager and align with business and support the teams. This ensures an implementation which is far more impactful and easier for the business to transition.

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about Jacqui Cameron

Photo of Jacqui Cameron of Cameron Consulting

The owner, and HR consultant, Jacqui Cameron has worked in business for over 27 years.

In 1990, she began her understanding of retail in the store environment. She attended the Witwatersrand Technicon, studying Public Relations and Marketing. In 1992 Jacqui secured her first full time role in a medium size retailer, working on publicity campaigns, communication and visual merchandising.

From 1994 Jacqui began her clothing and lifestyle retail career in Operations, moving from a Store Manager and working her way up to a Divisional Manager of an extremely large retailer in South Africa.

Jacqui’s Human Resource career began in 2006 when she moved to specialising in Payroll. From there she progressed to managing HR Benefits, HR Compliance, HR Information Systems and was very involved in African Expansion, Merges and Acquisitions and HR Project Management. Travelling to various African countries, Jacqui would often determine the feasibility of expansion according to the labour laws. In 2015 Jacqui Cameron moved to a global education company which was about to embark on a very large Human Resource Transformation Initiative. Jacqui was responsible for the rollout of a Tier 1 Oracle application, setting up a shared service, writing policies and procedures for African countries, drafting contracts and processes, and landing all of this in the South African community in 18 months. Once the project was complete in October 2016, there was then an opportunity to enhance business and HR relationships and processes.

Cameron Consulting was born in July 2017, where Jacqui Cameron saw an opportunity to consult for other companies where she could impart and support out of her experience, networks and learnings.

Jacqui is passionate about collaboration, transformation and specifically growth. She immerses herself into a company and is able to see, identify and communicate many aspects of Business and H.R. that others are not aware of. References are available upon request.